About the Owner

Background & Current Projects

Samantha Soto, better known as Sam, has just completed her Dual Degree Master’s Program at Chatham University. In a two-year time span she has received one Master Degree in Sustainability (MSUS) and one Master’s in Business and Administration (MBA). Her background in Biology, Project Management, and Data Management & Analysis make the completion of this program possible.


Sam is fueled by her passion for understanding the barriers between where society is today and what it would take for society to become resilient and sustainable. She considers herself a ‘forever student’, who is eager to build on her academic foundations in Biology, Sustainability, and Business and stay in tune with the latest technology available. Check out her features articles & new projects that she is working on below!


Vian Studios is a business started by a mother-daughter team that provides face masks, vintage jewelry, scarves, and custom skirts. In addition to looking fabulous both mother and daughter like to donate to charity, work with small businesses, and care for the environment. Therefore, they did a small article on Sam and her Ownership of Compostable Artifacts. You can read it here.


The Sustainability Job Network is another small business that Sam dedicates a few hours a week to. This is a network that recent sustainability graduates and students studying sustainability can join to save them time on their job search, be connected with potential employers, & connected with other students/recent graduates like themselves.

Hobbies & Dogs

Meanwhile, she was productively working on her master’s thesis and finished a semester early, while maintaining a work-life balance. Sam believes that mindfulness in the workplace is key to success, and in her free time she enjoys group fitness classes like POUND & Boxing plus spending time with her three American Bulldogs.

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After 6 straight years of higher education directly out of high school she is working full-time while starting Compostable Artifacts, a business dedicated to making sustainable products with a next to zero waste guarantee. Reach out to Sam through this website portal, at compostableartifacts@gmail.com or go to her LinkedIn page to connect!